Cleaning removes germs usually by combining water, soap and scrubbing. While it does not kill germs, it is important to remove dirt and debris before you disinfect. 

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Fighting Germs and COVID-19

The Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization have both stressed the importance of maintaining a clean, sanitized and disinfected environment to control and stop the spread of the Coronavirus and other bacteria and germs.

Disinfecting and sanitizing however do kill germs. Killing germs on a surface after cleaning it will stop the spread of infections in the workplace and can reduce the bacteria on the surface by 99% (depending on the product you use). Disinfectants kill bacteria, viruses, fungi and mold and work great on most surfaces, drapes, carpets and hard non-porous surfaces like door handles.

Disinfecting Services

Wet disinfectant spray: we will coat the surface with a disinfectant spray or solution and allow it to dry to ensure it is effective.

Surface wiping: wiping will allow our cleaners to target specific high-traffic areas to kill germs. Once the disinfectant dries, we will wipe all spaces clean.

Fogging: Fogging will disinfect hard to reach places otherwise missed by hand.

We are committed to keeping you safe

Our cleaning professionals will be following the CDC guidelines for hand
washing and hygiene practices at all times. They will be wearing masks and gloves and maintain a social distance of six feet or more.

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